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Camera Trap Projects

Direct sightings of wildlife in the tropical forest environments of Sumatra, Indonesia, can be very difficult. Many species in this region are increasingly becoming critically endangered and better data is needed to understand population numbers and movement in the remaining protected forest areas. The proposed work will provide a better understanding about the biodiversity of […]


Amelia Health Care

Amelia is gorgeous girl of Tangkahan in North Sumatra and part of the camp of about 8 elephants of the camp at Tangkahan. She was born at the camp in 2010 and is always the little darling looking for attention from every body around her. Amelia is part of the VESSWIC Elephant Healthcare Program that looks […]

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24.22% Funded
Sadat Health Care

Sadat Health Care

Sadat is arguably the biggest captive elephant in Sumatra and lives in the north west of Sumatra in the Aceh province in camp Saree. In 2004 Sadat helped with the clean up of Banda Aceh after the 2004 tsunami. Sadat is part of the VESSWIC Elephant Healthcare Program that looks after more than 180 elephants within […]

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9.78% Funded
Karnangun of the ERU Way Kambas

Karnangun Health Care

Karnangun is a patrol elephant working for the Conservation Program for VESSWIC but he also is part of the Elephant Healthcare program as a captive elephant of Way Kambas. The VESSWIC Elephant Healthcare Program looks after more than 180 elephants within various camps throughout Sumatra. Karnangun requires $450 per year for his healthcare and food […]

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10.67% Funded

Tria Health Care

  Tria is a treasure of Seblat, Bengkulu but has recently been unwell so has had a lot of special attention from the VESSWIC vets. Tria is part of the VESSWIC Elephant Healthcare Program that looks after more than 180 elephants within Sumatra and she requires $450 per year for her medication and food alone. […]

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18.44% Funded

Harris Health Care

Harris is a big boy of Seblat, Bengkulu who was originally with a circus in Sumatra and now resides in the peaceful surrounds of Sumatra. Harris was born in 1987 and only arrived at the Elephant Conservation Center in Seblat in 2011. Harris is part of the VESSWIC Elephant Healthcare Program that looks after more […]

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24% Funded

Yekti (Specialty Case Food)

Yekti is a 3 month old Sumatran elephant calf who was recently found snared in the Way Kambas national park. Unfortunately she is another case of human elephant conflict that is on the increase throughout Sumatra. Yekti is recovering well from the nasty snare wound she received and is getting 30+ litres of milk every day.

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51.8% Funded

Elephant Conservation Program

Improved and additional strategies are needed to better protect remaining wildlife habitats and wildlife. The utilisation of small groups of captive elephants and Mahouts (4 – 8 Individuals) in so called conservation or patrol units is a concept that has been successfully developed during the past 10 years…

$165 Donated

Bona – Specialty Case Food

Due to the critical situation for the Sumatran elephants and the destruction of their habitat throughout Sumatra, specialty cases can arise and Bona is one such case. The Vesswic EHC (Elephant Health Care Program) covers many general aspects of supporting the Elephant Conservation Camps…

$355 Donated

Elephant Health Care Program

To be able to provide needed expertise for welfare and conservation of the captive elephant population a careful, professional management and good welfare of the captive population is crucial and requires ongoing veterinary care and consideration. Currently the Vesswic-EHCP is the only…

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