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    Harris Health Care 29.56% Funded
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    Yekti (Specialty Case Food) 54.27% Funded
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    Elephant Health Care Program
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    Elephant Conservation Program
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    Alternatively Livelihoods and Awareness Creation

Veterinary Society for Sumatran Wildlife Conservation

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  • seblat camera trap-5103-Edit
    Bath Time on Patrol

    While patrolling the conservation areas in Sumatra the elephants still get their daily bath and this one has a little help from above.

    Size: 45cm x 30cm

  • Precious
    Precious Poster

    A mother’s love is never more precious then the love you see for the gorgeous 3 week old calf in Holiday Resort North Sumatra.

    Size: 45cm x 30cm

  • Bona and Aswita
    Bona and Aswita Poster

    Bona and Aswita in the jungles of Sumatra. Bona learns everything she knows from Aswita and follows here every move.

    Size: 45cm x 30cm

  • bona
    Bona the Elephant Tee

    The Bona tee is named so after the gorgeous girl Bona in the Bengkulu province of Sumatra. Bona has a special place in people’s hearts after she nearly lost her battle for life when orphaned and found alone in a palm oil plantation. She has since survived and now thrives as a naughty young elephant and this tee is fittingly named after her. All profits from the sales of the OUR URTH tees on www.vesswic.com go right back into the VESSWIC programs carried out on the ground in Sumatra.

  • cap
    Vesswic Cap

    The official Vesswic cap with logo in front and name embroidered on the side. One size fits all.

  • poster-tangkahan
    Tangkahan Poster

    Tangkahan Is to the west of Medan in North Sumatra. Every day the elephants have a bath twice a day and have time for a some fun and games in the water. For anyone who has already visited Tangkahan this is a good poster to have as a reminder of your visit.

    Size: 45cm x 30cm

  • way kambas december-9162-Edit-Edit-Edit-2
    Way Kambas Baby Elephant

    With two new youngsters running around the Way Kambas ECC it makes for some cute photos. Grab a poster of this little cutie where a percentage of the sale goes back into the Elephant Healthcare Program.

    Size: 45cm x 30cm

  • aceh-saree-3280-Edit
    Agam Poster

    Make a contribution to the Agam cause by buying a poster and a percentage of the sale goes towards new food and supplies for Agam.

    Size: 45cm x 30cm

  • Bona 2014
    Bona Poster

    By buying a Bona poster you will be contributing directly to her needs be it food or medical supplies.

    Size: 45cm x 30cm

  • teeshirt-brown
    Vesswic Tee – Brown

    The Vesswic brown T-shirt comes in currently two sizes. Large and Extra Large. The design runs across the front and the back and has the Vesswic logo on the sleeve. Percentage of sales of Vesswic tee shirts go towards the Elephant Healthcare Program.

  • green-teea
    Vesswic Tee – Green

    The Vesswic green T-shirt comes in currently two sizes. Large and Extra Large. The design runs across the front and the back and has the Vesswic logo on the sleeve.

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